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 The Gambia Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Employers’ Association will be organizing the 26th edition of the GCCI Annual Business Awards Dinner on the 11th of May, 2018 at the Ocean Bay Hotel & Resort. The Awards is meant to recognize outstanding achievements by businesses in the previous year based on competitiveness and uniqueness/innovations of their business. Furthermore, the Awards honour Gambia's industry leaders through the acknowledgement of innovative business processes, product development, enterprise, sustainability and overall business success. 
This year’s Keynote Speaker is Amie N.D Bensouda, Managing Partner of Amie Bensouda & Co. which is a leading full-service law firm operating in The Gambia.

The Theme for this year’s Awards is “Promoting an Inclusive Approach Towards Business Excellence”. Inclusive Business Models are sustainable businesses that include low-income earners along their value chains. In line with this, GCCI advocates for a paradigm shift in corporate thinking from the traditional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) model to the Inclusive Business Model. While retaining a for-profit nature, Inclusive Business Models drive development and poverty reduction through the private sector.

Award categories as has been over the years are considered on the backdrop of the country’s national economic priorities and other emerging facets of the economy. The Award categories for the 2018 GCCI Business Awards are: 1) Young Entrepreneur of the Year; 2) Businesswoman of the Year, 3) Emerging Business of the Year (focus on Value Addition), 4) Leading Business of the Year, 5) MSME-Friendly Financial Institution of the Year and 6) Lifetime Achievement Award (Honorary Award to be given by GCCI).

The Business Awards comprises of two committees which are; The Technical Committee and Award Council consisting of representatives from the civil service and private sector respectively. The sole mandate of these committees is to review existing and develop new award criteria in consultation with the GCCI Secretariat; finalize and adopt award categories and criteria; review of business profiles, shortlist of nominees; review financial statements and identification of the final winner for each category. The role of GCCI is to support in coordinating the activities of these two committees to work independently.

The Business Awards brings together top government officials, highly placed international personalities and institutions with relevance to business or private sector development.

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