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Expo Astana 2017
As a Specialized Expo, Expo Astana is scheduled for duration of 3 months. The event was officially launched on 10th June 2017 extending to 10th September 2017 in City of Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. The choice over Astana, Kazakhstan as the host city for Expo 2017 is an outcome of the deliberations by the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE); the organizers of World Expo during its General Assembly on 22nd November 2012 through 11th June 2014.

Expo Astana 2017 is expected to attract 5 million visitors over the three month period drawing participation form more than 115 countries including The Gambia and 18 international companies.

The global trade event is being organized under the theme ‘Future Energy” along with other sub-themes on Reducing CO2 Emissions, Living Energy Efficiency and Energy for All. The rationale is to give the opportunity for an exposition of the state of energy today and to showcase sustainable solutions and innovative technologies.

The Gambia’s participation
The Gambia under the country support package extended by BIE is allocated a Pavilion for the Exhibition of local Gambian products and a Bazaar for conducting commercial activities by accredited Gambian participants at Expo Astana 2017. The Pavilion and Bazaar are located within an exclusive section dedicated to Africa. The Africa section accommodates a total representation of 22 African countries.

As part of events marking Expo Astana, a special day is dedicated to each participating country as its national day to give prominence to countries and the opportunity to unearth their culture, heritage and trade and investment opportunities. The Gambia’s National Day was held on 1st August 2017 and a Ministerial delegation headed by the Minister of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment, Dr. Isatou Touray accompanied by the Honorable Minister of Tourism and Culture Hon. Hamat Bah was dispatched t Astana. The delegation arrived Astana on 30th and 31st July to 3rd August 2017.

Tuesday 1st August 2017 marked The Gambia’s National Day on the calendar of Expo Astana 2017. The day was filled with exciting and spectacular events including 30 minutes of cultural display from the Fula Jubo Cultural Group, statements from the Minister of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment-Dr. Isatou Touray and the Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mrs. E. Azimova followed by an official lunch, a press conference and Dinner organized in honour of the Gambia Delegation.

Statement From The Minister of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration- Dr. Isatou Touray

The Honourable Minister of Trade first and foremost extended salutations from His Excellency Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Minister Touray applauded Kazakhstan on the successful organization of Expo Astana 2017 and the choice over the Expo Theme ‘Future Energy” along with other sub-themes on “Reducing CO2 Emissions, Living Energy Efficiency and Energy for All”. The theme she posited, gave the opportunity for an exposition of the state of energy today and to showcase sustainable, cleaner and innovative alternatives that minimizes damages to the environment whilst giving a trade enabling impetus. In effect, she reported the Energy Road Map Completed by New Gambia on Energy as a driver for attracting investors to our smiling coast. The Minister in congruence with the Theme: Future Energy unreservedly portrayed The Government of the Gambia under the leadership of H.E. President Adama Barrow commitment to developing the Energy sector as a top priority to attract Investment, Trade and improve the well being of the people. In furtherance of The Government of The Gambia’s efforts in transforming the domestic energy sector, the Minister highlighted steps taken by The Ministry of Energy and Petroleum in collaboration with development partners to secure financing for the implementation strategic policies geared towards expansion of the energy infrastructure in-country, electricity generation, transmission and distribution in the country. The efforts are strengthened by strategic measures to attract investments into renewable energy, and reliable medium voltage networks, interconnection initiatives with neighboring countries to aid dependable energy supply and electrification of rural areas. The Minister also mentioned possible bilateral cooperation between Kazakhstan and The Gambia.

Signing Of The Guest Book

The Minister of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment; Dr. Isatou Touray accompanied by members of the Gambian delegation and senior Government officials from Kazakhstan signed the guest book on behalf of the Gambia Government.

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