The Directorate of Regional Integration at the Ministry of Trade on Wednesday 16th December, 2020 handed over a computer equipment to National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA). The presentation was held at the Trade Ministry Complex in Banjul.

The delivery of the computer Equipment to ECOWAS Member States is earmarked for a “Building Disaster Resilience to Natural Hazards Sub-Saharan African Countries and Communities Programme.”

The ECOWAS Commission received a grant from the European Union to support Africa Regional Economic Communities (RECs) to strengthen Disaster Risk Reduction Planning Coordination and Policy Advisory Capacity under the above mentioned programme in supporting of their respective member states.

Given the importance and relevance of strengthening national capacity to enhance risk informed decision-making and development planning, the ECOWAS Commission in collaboration with the World Bank GFDRR and in close consultation with member states earmarked part of the funds to procure and delivery computer equipment and related software to further enhance the operational capacity of the national Disaster Management/Civil Protection Agencies of Member States for data collection and overall emergency operations.