About GID

The Gambia Immigration Department

The Gambia Immigration Department is the Government agency responsible for the facilitation, controlling and monitoring of movement into, within and outside of the Gambia. The Immigration Department is under the domain and supervision of the Ministry of Interior.

The mandate of the Gambia Immigration Department is derived from the Constitution of the Republic of the Gambia, The Gambia Immigration Act 1965 and its regulations and various amendments, The Aliens Registration Act 1977 and its amendments, The Nationality and Citizenship Act 1965 and its amendments, The Diplomatic Immunity and Privileges Act and the Official secret Acts;  as well as various legal instruments, treaties, protocols and conventions ratified by the Gambia government and various accepted international norms that prescribe Gambia`s authority in managing Non- nationals within her jurisdiction and securing Gambian borders.

Functions of the Department include:

  • Control and regulate entry, residence and exit of all persons at our Land, Air and Sea borders of the Gambia.
  • Issuance of National Documents including identity card and passports to genuine Gambians.
  • Control and regulate residency through issuance of residence, work and other permits as prescribed in the Immigration Act and other international legal instruments relating to Migration.
  • Implement National Policy on Business Establishment and monitor compliance with expatriate quota allocation.
  • Liaison with other government Ministries, Departments and International Organizations on matters touching on migration
  • Determine matters pertaining to nationality and granting of citizenship to qualified non-Gambians
  • Offer consular services in the Gambians Missions abroad
  • Perform Border Security Management functions


To facilitate free movement of persons, within and outside the Gambia through effective and efficient documentation of all Gambians and Non-Gambians, border management and collection of revenue for a safe, tolerant and better Gambian society thus contributing to the realization of socio economic development objectives of the Gambia.

Core Values:

  • Courtesy
  • Cheerfulness
  • Fairness
  • Patience


Aspiring for a Department supported by highly professional and competent staff, committed to the effective management of Immigration matters with   enhanced digitalize information management systems for the improvement of overall national security.