Industry & Investment

This Directorate is responsible for matters relating to investment and industrial development. The Directorate of investment and industry is mandated to formulate and implement comprehensive industrial, investment and micro, small and medium enterprise policies to facilitate the country’s industrialization process. It works closely with the productive sectors to identify new industrial opportunities in such sectors. It advises government on industrial policy matters including, among others, appropriate incentives to encourage private sector participation in industrial activities. It monitors and assesses industrial performance of the economy and advises government on appropriate policy actions to address challenges. The Directorate also undertakes sectoral reviews not only to identify industrial opportunities but also to recommend policy and regulatory changes where such sectoral policies and regulations impact negatively on the industrial development agenda of the country. As industrial activities are mainly private sector matters, the Directorate advises government on programmes and projects that would enhance the capacity of the private sector to undertake industrial activities on more competitive bases. It also recommends institutional setting for efficient and effective policy implementation as well as increase participation of the private sector in the economy. The Directorate represents the Ministry in technical meetings relating to industrial development issues both within and outside the country.

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