Admin & Finance

The administrative unit is responsible for the general running of the Ministry. It

is mandated to pride administrative and logistical assistance to all

directorates/departments/units in the Ministry.

The functions of the Administrative Unit

Administrative unit of MOTIE performs but not limited to the following

functions: The unit:

  • Plays a role of an adviser and assister to Management and other Directorates/departments in the Ministry.
  • Is the HR Centre for the Ministry. It also responsible for manpower issues for the Ministry.
  • Provides logical assistance to the entire Ministry. In doing this, it make sure it provide mobility, offices for and equipment needed by all staff.
  • Is responsible for supervising the work done by the staff of the Ministry.
  • Makes sure that all equipment’s and machines are maintained. If there are any damaged equipment’s, it is the unit’s responsibility to replace them and makes them functional.
  • Is responsible for the approval of the office requisition.
  • Serves as custodian of records, and provides security as well as keeps offices and entire environment clean.

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