This unit is responsible for all ICT related matters in Ministry. The mission of the Directorate of ICT in the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment is to serve as a provider of effective ICT services, foster the use and application of IT to the needs of the Ministry, and an enabler in helping the Ministry to embrace new practices and tools that enhance workflow productivity. The ICT unit aims to provide high quality and effective IT service delivery that is responsive to the needs of the Ministry and its local and international partners .


  • Provide a sustainable enterprise-wide information system in the Ministry that will enhance fast, easy and cheap access to information within and outside the Ministry.
  • Support national budget preparation through the inputting of data into the LMIS and TRADEINFO websitest.
  • Provide maintenance services on all Hardware, Software, Local Area Network (LAN) and other ICT related infrastructure of the Ministry.
  • Provide blueprint or proposal for the process of re-engineering and transformation of the Ministry�s manual methods into automated functional systems;
  • Develop in-house capacity to operate and manage the vast ICT resources in the Ministry through hands on training.
  • Maintain an update the Ministry�s website and provide unhindered connectivity to the global information community;
  • Support other service-wide projects that share or collaborate information process with the Ministry;
  • Offer technical support to Directorates, Units, Sections and individual user;
  • Support other service-wide projects that share or collaborate information process with the Ministry;
  • Advise the management at all levels on the need for constant update of ICT infrastructure;
  • Supervise the implementation of ICT capital projects for the Ministry;
  • Represent the Ministry on all ICT related gatherings
  • It is responsible for managing pilot ICT projects within the Ministry and ICT services provided by through user support group.
  • Develop ICT policies and standards for the Ministry
  • Secure and maintain both the network and IT systems within the Ministry

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